Chiropractic & Spinal Rehab

Dr. Aaron Heitman
806A State Route 72 East
Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 364-2798

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Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain, bulging disc, headaches or just want chiropractic as part of your health care? We offer our professional help. You will be treated by the Doctor and not the staff. Our Rolla, MO office has two chiropractors with a combined 33 years of experience. We offer specific “hands on adjusting” and rehabilitation with physical therapy to correct your problem conservatively.

We have 3000 sq ft facility with updated equipment including Disc Decompression with Flexion-Distraction tables.

Our staff is efficient and professional. We treat you as we would want to be treated ourselves! Family chiropractic care serving Rolla, Salem, and St. James, MO area. Give us a call (573)-364-2798.

Simply use the upper and left link rectangles to browse our web site. Enjoy our complimentary stretching and exercise videos!

Yours in health,

Dr. Aaron Heitman

Dr. Clyde Sellers

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